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Rocky Mount Church is located at


2237 Guntersville Rd, Arab, AL.


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P.O. Box 288, Arab, AL  35016

2 Responses

  1. Harriett Somerville says:

    We are the family of Owen Martin Couch who is buried in the cemetery behind the church. We are applying to the Department of Veterans Affairs for a flat bronze marker similar to two that are already in the Couch/Barnard section. The Department requires to us furnish the name, signature and phone number of a person who will certify that this kind of marker is permitted in the cemetery.
    Thank you

  2. Sonny and Jennifer Bonner says:

    Dear Elder Jordan, Lord willing, My wife and I will be attending your meeting on March 28-30. Elder Carl Staten is our Pastor so please don’t hold that against us. Seriously, we have been blessed beyond measure being able to set under his preaching and thank God for him. I not only feel it is our pleasure to support him with our worldly goods but also to support him with our presents when we are able. My wife has some vacation time remaining and I do not work any more (at a regular job) so we have purposed to drive to the great state of Alabama.
    Sonny Bonner