Rocky Mount Church

Godly Living

God is honored in our daily lives. Look at the list of Helpful Scriptures. It is but a partial list. The Bible has more to say about how we should live our lives than it does any other subject. The message of the gospel itself is a message of repentance, a turning away from the flesh to the things of the Spirit; a turning away from the false gods and idols of the world to serve the true and living God. No amount of good works or righteous acts on our part will ever merit eternal life. God has graciously reached down to undeserving sinners, saved us from eternal damnation, lifted us up from the dunghill, delivered us from our own polluted blood, and has loved and cared for us as His own dear child.
When we see ourselves as we are in nature, and consider the mercy and kindness of God, what more reason do we need to try to serve Him and live a life pleasing to Him? Yes, as a child of God, this is our duty. But, as an heir of grace and the recipient of God’s love and mercy, it should be our delight and joy to honor and serve Him in our daily walk. The seed we sow in this life determine the fruit we reap in this life. If our time and affection is spent on the things of the world, we can expect worldly fruit, which has no lasting value and only satisfies the flesh. Such fruit brings sorrow, grief, and pain. If we sow to the Spirit, the fruit that we reap will be joy, peace, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. Our lives will be well-pleasing to the Lord. We will experience joy unspeakable and full of glory, and peace which passes understanding.

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