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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

At Rocky Mount Church, we strive to maintain the simplicity of the New Testament pattern. As pastor, I have the privilege in each of our services to speak to men, women, boys, and girls – people of all ages from various backgrounds. We sing together, we bow together before the Lord in prayer, we rejoice in the gospel together, and we study the Scriptures together. So much of the religious world has been bogged down by programs, auxiliaries, and various functions, which, however noble the intentions, cannot be found in Scripture. What a joy it is to see entire families in the congregation engaged in worship, and seeking to learn more about our Savior. How beautiful it is to see the Lord’s people seek Him in simplicity, in purity, untainted by the inventions of men. It is a refreshing experience – one I believe you would enjoy.

In Christ,
Elder Matt Jordan, pastor


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