Grace & Mercy Hour

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Jan 14 2017

The Grace & Mercy Hour is a radio ministry sponsored by Rocky Mount Church, along with support from its listeners. The broadcast began over 40 years ago with Elder Herbert ‘Hub’ NeSmith. For many years, Brother NeSmith relied solely on the support of listeners, many times covering the cost of the broadcast personally. Coy Brothers and Hubert Thompson joined Brother NeSmith later on, and in the late ’90s, Matt Jordan was asked to take one Sunday. For over 15 years now, the program has been under the direction of our pastor, Brother Matt. On this page, you’ll find the most recent broadcasts. The program airs on the local AM radio station, WRAB-1380 in Arab, Alabama.



Exceptions to the Rule, 4/9/17

Exceptions to the Rule, 4/16/17

Armor of God, 4/23/17

Armor of God, 4/30/17

Sound Doctrine, 5/7/17

Sound Doctrine, 5/14/17

Philippians 4, 5/21/17

Philippians 4, 5/28/17

Words from the Cross, 6/4/17

Words from the Cross, 6/11/17





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