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The thought of election often disturbs many people. Mainly, this is simply because the doctrine is misunderstood. Since election is clearly taught in Scripture, we must try our best to understand what it is, praying for the Lord to open our hearts and give us wisdom.
Election refers to that act of God before the foundation of the world whereby God chose a multitude of people that no man can number, yet a number known to God and certain in His mind. God chose this people because he loved them and determined they would live with Him in Heaven one day. According to Scripture, these individuals were no different from anyone else. God did not foresee some goodness in them, yet He loved them and He marked them out for His own.
Jesus came into the world to save His people from their sins. Those whom God loved and chose were given to the Son, to be redeemed by His blood. There has never been a person who truly desired to be saved but was not among the elect of God. In fact, our conviction of sin, our desire to repent, and our love for God are all evidences that we are among the chosen of God.
Election includes people out of every kindred, tongue, tribe, and nation. It is inclusive rather than exclusive, in the fact that God’s sovereign will and work of the Holy Spirit will reach more people than the gospel ever could. God had you in mind before He created the world. Doesn’t that bring comfort and assurance, and doesn’t it motivate you to live a life pleasing to Him?

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