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Predestination is a frightful doctrine to many, but only because it is so misunderstood. Those things which God did for His people in the everlasting covenant, which are recorded in His word, are not cause for fear, but should cause us to rejoice.
Before the world began, God loved and chose a people; a great multitude of people that no man can number. Before He created the world, God determined the destiny of that great multitude of people who He loved and chose. Because of sin, there are those in the world that God does not love. These are not predestinated to hell but are left in the condition into which their sins plunged them. If it were not for God’s choice in predestinating a people, ALL would have been left in their sin and doomed to hell. Some will say if a person wants to be saved, there is no hope for him if God didn’t predestinate them. Such a person never existed. The fact that a person truly wants to be saved is evidence that he is loved of God, that God did choose him, and he was predestinated. Further, predestination is not based upon God being able to foresee who would believe, accept, and obey; therefore He chose them. If that were true, our salvation would still be based upon our works or our choice.
What a blessing and comfort it is to know that before the world began, God had you in mind. And because of His love for you, He made all the provisions necessary to ensure that you would live with Him in Heaven one day and be conformed to the image of His Son. Not only is that the best news there is for sinners, but it is the purest motivation there is for us to live a life serving Him and following His commands.

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