Rocky Mount Church

The New Birth

We were born into this world with a sinful nature. This nature is one that is fallen and in opposition to God. It has neither the ability nor desire to seek the Lord. Neither is this corrupt nature able to receive the things of the Spirit. Before we can, or even desire, to follow the… Continue reading The New Birth

The Finished Work of Christ

Jesus Christ came into the world to do the will of His Father. We are told in Scripture that the will of the Father was to give to His Son a great multitude of people, and that His Son would die for and redeem those whom God loved without the loss of one. The Bible… Continue reading The Finished Work of Christ

The Sinful Nature of Man

The Bible teaches that man is dead in trespasses and in sin. Many today believe that we have only been wounded, or struck with a disease, but still retain some ability to lift ourselves up out of this condition. We believe when Adam fell, the entire human race fell with him into a state of… Continue reading The Sinful Nature of Man