Rocky Mount Church

The Bible

We believe the Bible is the inspired and inerrant word of God. We believe the Holy Scriptures are the only authority for what the Church believes, teaches, and practices. We believe our purpose in life is to glorify the Lord. We believe we should strive for righteous and holy living. We acknowledge that our only… Continue reading The Bible

The Resurrection

Jesus Christ will return one day to gather His people and take them home to Heaven. The joys of the Lord’s redeemed will be everlasting. They will praise God perfectly and eternally. The coming of Christ will be a glorious occasion and we look forward to that day when there will be no more sorrow,… Continue reading The Resurrection

Godly Living

God is honored in our daily lives. Look at the list of Helpful Scriptures. It is but a partial list. The Bible has more to say about how we should live our lives than it does any other subject. The message of the gospel itself is a message of repentance, a turning away from the… Continue reading Godly Living


Faith is one of the virtues of the fruit of the Spirit. When we speak of faith, we are not simply talking about the ability to believe something. Faith is that God-given attribute that is able to lay hold on eternal things.

The New Birth

We were born into this world with a sinful nature. This nature is one that is fallen and in opposition to God. It has neither the ability nor desire to seek the Lord. Neither is this corrupt nature able to receive the things of the Spirit. Before we can, or even desire, to follow the… Continue reading The New Birth


The thought of election often disturbs many people. Mainly, this is simply because the doctrine is misunderstood. Since election is clearly taught in Scripture, we must try our best to understand what it is, praying for the Lord to open our hearts and give us wisdom.


Predestination is a frightful doctrine to many, but only because it is so misunderstood. Those things which God did for His people in the everlasting covenant, which are recorded in His word, are not cause for fear, but should cause us to rejoice.

Salvation by Grace

What is salvation? In general terms, salvation is deliverance. When we speak of ‘salvation by grace’, we mean deliverance from the wrath of God, the everlasting punishment that we deserve because of our sins. Ultimately, for everything we are able to do and everything we have of a spiritual nature, we must attribute to God’s… Continue reading Salvation by Grace

The Finished Work of Christ

Jesus Christ came into the world to do the will of His Father. We are told in Scripture that the will of the Father was to give to His Son a great multitude of people, and that His Son would die for and redeem those whom God loved without the loss of one. The Bible… Continue reading The Finished Work of Christ

The Sinful Nature of Man

The Bible teaches that man is dead in trespasses and in sin. Many today believe that we have only been wounded, or struck with a disease, but still retain some ability to lift ourselves up out of this condition. We believe when Adam fell, the entire human race fell with him into a state of… Continue reading The Sinful Nature of Man