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God’s Sovereignty in Salvation Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSGod’s Sovereignty in Salvation Is God sovereign in the salvation of sinners? Consider: man is dead in sin and cannot repent, believe, or love God until after he is born again; God will never be disappointed in the accomplishment of His will; God’s love is everlasting, not dependent upon man’s response,… Continue reading God’s Sovereignty in Salvation

A Great Multitude Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSA Great Multitude In Revelation 7:9, John saw a great multitude of people that no man can number, of all nations, kindreds, people, and tongues, around the throne praising God and the Lamb. How did they get there? Who made the decision that a great multitude would be there? When… Continue reading A Great Multitude

Election and Predestination

Click Election and Predestination to open this article in a new window. Two beautiful but greatly misunderstood doctrines of the Bible…


The thought of election often disturbs many people. Mainly, this is simply because the doctrine is misunderstood. Since election is clearly taught in Scripture, we must try our best to understand what it is, praying for the Lord to open our hearts and give us wisdom.


Predestination is a frightful doctrine to many, but only because it is so misunderstood. Those things which God did for His people in the everlasting covenant, which are recorded in His word, are not cause for fear, but should cause us to rejoice.