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Singing in the New Testament Church

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Oct 24 2015

Singing in the NT Church

Someone might ask why the New Testament is silent on music in the worship service. Actually, it is not silent regarding music. Much is written about singing. The silence only pertains to musical instruments. The music we are to make in the worship service of the New Testament Church is to be produced by the instrument God gave us, the human voice.

What A Church Needs

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Jan 24 2015

What a Church Needs from the Pastor

Having spent more time in the church from ‘behind the pulpit’ than in the pew, I am probably not the one who should be writing this. And in making the attempt, I have been greatly convicted, being forcefully reminded of the congregation’s needs and what the flock expects from its pastor. I do not pretend to think that this short article is exhaustive but hopefully it does lay the groundwork. And hopefully it will help all of us, pastor and church alike, reflect on the great needs we all have; the greatest need being the Lord Himself, but also the need we have of one another.

A church needs a pastor who continually seeks the leadership of the Spirit, for it is the Holy Ghost who has made him the overseer. As the overseer, the pastor is expected to take heed unto all the flock, observing them and learning from them, so he might better tend to their needs. Peter reminds the elders what their attitude is to be – not one of lordship but one of willingness; not trying to force people to do things but being an example. A church needs a Spirit-led pastor to lead the flock; not drive them. As Paul instructed Timothy, a church must have a servant who is not given to strife; one who is gentle and patient; a servant who can teach others with the unique combination of meekness and boldness.

A church needs a pastor who is determined to declare the whole counsel of God. He should be always mindful of the usefulness of Scripture – for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. Peter exhorts the elders to feed the flock and a church needs to be fed a complete diet; milk for the young and meat for the mature so that all may grow thereby. The church should expect the pastor to minister to and teach young and old alike, without showing partiality and without limiting himself to when and how he fulfills his ministry. A church needs a pastor who teaches while he preaches and whose walk is in harmony with his words.

A church needs a pastor who is willing to spend and be spent. It should be expected of the pastor to feel as the apostle Paul did, “woe unto me if I preach not the gospel”; and to heed the exhortation given to the young minister Timothy to “be instant in season, out of season.” The church should expect the pastor to do the work of an evangelist, giving the flock an example so they can do the same. After all, the greatest witness and most effective evangelist is a content church member who is happy in the Lord.

A church needs a pastor who is willing to preach on the difficult subjects as he is given light; not one who only preaches smooth things. The church should expect him to be wide awake and to sound the alarm when the enemy is on the prowl. A church needs to remember that the pastor is accountable to God for the condition of the flock; at least, as far as the flock is willing to take heed to his leadership and instruction. A church needs a pastor who is patient and compassionate but still willing to give firm admonition to the disobedient. A church should expect the pastor to not only advise but to lead when hard decisions must be made. The church must have a pastor who strives to maintain a good report with those outside and around the church.

A church needs a pastor with a vision grounded in God’s word. The flock should expect their pastor to lead as an undershepherd, always following the Great Shepherd; not trying to make a name for himself but holding forth the word of life, bringing glory and honor to the Head. Every local church needs not just a preacher, not just someone to fill the pulpit, but a pastor.

For the cause of Christ, Elder Matt Jordan

A Pastor’s Perfect World

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Jan 22 2015

In a pastor’s perfect world…

  • He would know exactly what to preach every Sunday morning without any doubts.
  • He could find all the right words without stuttering when he preaches.
  • He would use just the right words when he teaches so nobody misunderstands.
  • He could get around to everyone in the congregation before they left.
  • He would know about every sickness every member had before they got well.
  • He would know about every surgery before it began.
  • He would remember to pray for everyone that asks, as well as those who don’t.


In a pastor’s perfect world…

  • Every need of every member would be scheduled at different times.
  • Every member would pray for the pastor at least once every day.
  • Every member would be at every worship service.
  • Every member would be on time at every worship service.
  • Every member would realize that the song service begins the worship service.
  • Everyone in the congregation would keep their eyes open the entire message.
  • No one in the congregation would ever become distracted during the message.
  • All vacations would take place between Monday morning and Saturday evening.
  • All family reunions would be any other day of the week besides Sunday.


In a pastor’s perfect world…

  • Everyone in the congregation would greet everyone else before they left.
  • He would never need to preach about supporting the Church financially.
  • He would never need to preach about supporting the ministry financially.
  • Every member’s family would know what he or she believes.
  • Every member’s family could see his or her beliefs put into practice.


Well, everyone knows it’s not a perfect world. Perfection is in Heaven. But, Perfection did come down to the Earth. His name was Jesus; and He was the Son of God; and He was the only Perfect Man who ever lived; and He died so that one day you would be with Him and His Father in that perfect world in Heaven. Although we can’t be perfect, have we stopped to think that maybe He deserves more from us than what we are giving?


Your Pastor



Let’s Start A Church

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Feb 12 2014

Start a Church

If the “only” thing we had to go by was the Bible, and God told us to take the Bible and start a church, what would it look like? Would it resemble the church we attend today? Have we been given the authority to add to the church things not prescribed in the Bible, specifically in the New Testament?

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Why We Do What We Do

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Jan 07 2014

Why We Do What We Do

A serious consideration of our motivation for the things we do; individually as disciples of Christ, or collectively as a Church.

Accusations Against Elders

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Jun 11 2013

Accusations Against Elders

In this article, Brother Matt looks at a critical issue that Paul deals with in 1Timothy 5:17-21; making accusations against an elder.

Thoughts on Suicide

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Jan 21 2013

Thoughts on Suicide

There is perhaps no more difficult and heart-wrenching situation than for someone to take their own life. We may not have all the answers in this life but I pray, God willing, this short article will help relieve some of the pain and bring a degree of peace to your heart.

Our Founding Fathers

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Jul 01 2012

These articles are only a snapshot of the views of our Founding Fathers, whose beliefs permeated the documents upon which this great nation was founded.

founding fathers

founding fathers quotes

Are You Saved?

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Jan 16 2012

Are You Saved?

A very important question! In this article, Elder Norvel Mann supplies an additional question; a question necessary to accurately answer the first.

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Family Integrated Worship

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Jun 13 2011

The following article is copied from March to Zion, a primitive baptist ministry website maintained by Elder Ben Winslett, pastor of Flint River Primitive Baptist Church.

When people first glance at our worship service they will notice that we have family integrated worship. That is to mean that all ages, from newborn to retiree, worship in a non-segregated fashion. To me, this is a very intimate family activity. Nonetheless, we have to ask ourselves; why do we practice family integrated worship? We do this for three reasons; biblical, historical, and practical. Read the rest of this entry »