Rocky Mount Church

High Cost of Discipleship, Michael Green Jr. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSHigh Cost of Discipleship Elder Michael Green, Jr. teaches us, first of all, that discipleship is distinct from sonship. Having established that principle, Brother Michael then emphasizes three points of discipleship: it is costly, it requires great commitment, but it is the most worthwhile endeavor in which we could ever engage ourselves.

Almost Persuaded, Carl Staten Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS[audio:|titles=6’27’10 Carl Staten] Play above or Click here to download (right click and save target) “…I would to God that you were not only almost, but altogether persuaded to be a Christian…” from our Sunday morning service, 6/27/10

Godly Living

God is honored in our daily lives. Look at the list of Helpful Scriptures. It is but a partial list. The Bible has more to say about how we should live our lives than it does any other subject. The message of the gospel itself is a message of repentance, a turning away from the… Continue reading Godly Living


Faith is one of the virtues of the fruit of the Spirit. When we speak of faith, we are not simply talking about the ability to believe something. Faith is that God-given attribute that is able to lay hold on eternal things.